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The Wilderkin Community is located on FurAffinity, original Var'dagoth post here:…

Name: Var'dagoth
Species: Wilderkin (restricted race, see below credits!)
Type: Psychic (rare)
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Sexuality: Pansexual
Receptiveness: Receptive
Place of Origin: Fire Kingdom

Var'dagoth Vlen'shyrd is a commonborn Psychic 'Kin with big dreams. He has made his way from town to town on his long winding way to Azrah, where he's finally come to own a modest shop and has begun working hard to make the small fortune he paid for this place, everything he'd saved through his travels, to make a name for himself. He grew up with the stories of the rare commonborn able to ascend to the highborn caste, and is determined to prove he is worthy to stand among them. He has honed his craft of weaving to a masterful level, able to make unique and beautiful designs with the integration of his psykin powers to help make incredibly delicate patterns. He has also taken to engraving armor and weaponry with delicate filigree or engravings, turning them into fine works of art. He prefers to work the more delicate crafts and leave the smithing of the pieces to others, or have his customers bring their own pieces, usually special family heirlooms they want to make into a true family treasure.

He has made a few contacts, and has several customers already entranced with his work, including a rising star in the Coliseum, Arlin Cicero whose victories help bring more notice to the fine weapons he wields, and to the talented 'Kin who engraved them. Kind-hearted and good-natured, Var'dagoth tends to make an impression on those who meet him.


Wilderkin are a closed species created by:
PaceVanRign & BelleTrist
More information can be found in the following:…

Art © PaceVanRign
Character © Menarra
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May 27, 2017
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