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The Wilderkin Community is located on FurAffinity and Discord, original Vailoen post:…

Name: Vailoen Streamwalker

Species: Wilderkin
Type: Water
Age: 37
Height: 7'3"
Receptiveness: Receptive

Vailoen was born into a family that once was commonborn, until her great-great-great Grandfather fought with enough skill and prowess to gain enough notice and sponsorship to be elevated to Highborn, a rare honor that few have ever achieved. This family history is held strongly, all the males trained in combat techniques and tradition passed down ever since. They have made a name for themselves as smiths and farmers ever since, buying large tracts of lowlands bordering the sea, which became the Streamwalker Plantation. These lands are almost entirely devoted to rice and fruit farming and fishing, with some raised sections dedicated to some livestock and family estates, where most of the generations of the Streamwalkers have chosen to live within their lands, a few striking out on their own.

One such member who's struck out on their own is Vailoen. The eldest of three sisters, she always a stubborn and adventurous spirit, she demanded the same warrior training her cousins were receiving. Her father at last relented, and she was trained by her uncle Elanion, the only member of their family in recent history to actually fight in the Coliseum of Azrah, something that saw him looked down upon by some, respected by others, but none could deny his skill and showmanship, some elders said he was a splitting image of their arena-fighting forefather. Vailoen proved to be one of his best students, mastering basic martial arts and the sword and spear, the latter she tends to carry around with her as she spearfishes for sport along the rivers and coasts.

The Streamwalker family is well known even now around the arenas of their homeland, as well as the Coliseum of Azrah. They value warriorkin of skill and honor, and tend to patron commonborn warriors who prove their determination, skill, and honor in their matches, pushing them to reach their highest potential and giving them the means to take care of themselves. Vailoen is no exception, though she has not officially become patron, or rather matron, of any commonborn yet, she has anonymously sent some gold to 'encourage' warriors she deems worthy to perform better and help them make ends meet. She is still keeping an eye out for warriors to sponsor, and makes frequent trips to Azrah to watch matches in the Coliseum. She sometimes feels the call of the arena, much like her uncle, but has not acted on this, instead putting her training into spars with her Uncle, or warriors sponsored by other members of her family.

Vailoen owns a modest home on the edge of her family's land, next to the coast. She has a 'circle of combat' next to the beach where she strains and centers herself most mornings even before breakfast, and her youngest sister Lillian lives there with her.


Wilderkin are a closed species created by:
PaceVanRign & BelleTrist
More information can be found in the following:…

Art © PaceVanRign
Character © Vailoen
Bought for Vailoen by Menarra
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May 27, 2017
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