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The Wilderkin Community is located on FurAffinity and Discord. Original Amaranth post:…

Name:Lady Amaranth Incarno
Eye Color:Ruby
Hair Color:Two-toned dark and light brown, some white accents
Homeland:Azrah City
Vocation:Royal Steward, 5th in line to the Wilderthrone
Weapons:A black and silver dagger she keeps hidden in her hair behind her left ear
Accessories:Royal fashion hat, family crest clasp on cape, a large wardrobe in the palace.

Personality:Fairly calm, if arrogant, most times. Fiery temper when offended and is quick to take offense. If she is angered, she is quick to resort to her exceptional skill in fire to try to intimidate and get her way. She is not entirely mentally stable, but she is brilliant, a most dangerous and potent mix.

🌿 "Lady Amaranth" 🌿
Fifth Daughter of the Lord Steward, Firekin Royal

Born to the ruling House Incarno of the Firekin, Stewards of the Azrah throne, and proxy rulers of Wilderland
at large. Lady Amaranth, "Ama" to her close Kin. "Ranth" when she takes to the streets of Azrah,
masquerading as a cloaked Commonborn. Amaranth is the youngest of five daughters and certainly
the most precocious, persnickety and energetic. As youngest, Amaranth doesn't have as much political
pressure to marry into another wealthy, powerful family like her older sisters, in order to consolidate
power for her Firekin father. Current Steward of Azrah, until the day the Heartkin return. If they ever will.

She has little care, however, for the fate and future of the Heartkin, if any even live any longer. She is
comfortable in her position and priviledge, and as her servants will whisper among themselves, she
has a fiery temper once offended, backed with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, and no regard for
who she is talking to, or the situation she may be in, always self-assured and confident. She has been
witnessed talking to herself when she thinks she is alone, and giggling at situations that others would
find distasteful. Some former servants once said she may not be "all there" in the head, and has some
scandalous secrets, though these servants have not been seen in quite some time now...

Lady Amaranth does have a secret. As the youngest, she is left alone far too often, leading to escapades
that have, on more than one occasion, given her family dishonor. However, it is swept beneath the rug
of Palace power and prestige, and Amaranth always finds a new way to get what she wants. And what
is it the young Lady desires? Freedom, adventure...and the attention of a Kin she can never have - a
Commonborn Warriorkin of some repute in The Coliseum. She steals off. Night after night, all in hopes
of seeing this forbidden love, this unnatural obsession. Attending matches, dressed in common garb, all
for just a glimpse. Be damned the consequences. And there will be, consequences...


Wilderkin are a closed species created by:
PaceVanRign & BelleTrist
More information can be found in the following:…

Art © PaceVanRign
Character © Menarra
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May 27, 2017
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