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The Wilderkin Community is located on FurAffinity and Discord, original Ehrsu'nah post:…

Name: Ehrsu'nah Streamwalker
Race: Waterkin
Eye Color: Slate Grey
Hair Color: Blue
Height: 7'
Homeland: Water Kingdom, Streamwalker holdings
Vocation: Fisherman, Farmer, Traditional Weapon/Tool-smith
Weapons: Bone spear, de-scaling blade 
Accessories: Black Tungsten Torque on right leg
Mate: None, not seeking
Personality: Friendly, confident, strong-willed, family-oriented, fiercely loyal.

Ehrsu'nah is the eldest of three siblings of the current generation of the Streamwalker family, the older brother of Vailoen and Lillith. Like most members of their family, he was trained in the ways of sword and spear during his youth, and took to the spear like an extension of his own body, as well as the quarterstaff. He spent much of his free time as a youth out in the open water on whatever fishing boats would have him along, and learned the trade well, mastering net, spear, rod, and reel. In his early adulthood, he and his father built his first home, a modest beachside dwelling on the edge of the family holdings. He later gave this house to his younger sisters as a gift after Vailoen entered adulthood, always watching over his younger siblings.

The three of them brought in a few commoner servants to aid them in learning how to till and sow their land, establishing a respectable vineyard north of the original home, where Ehrsu'nah has now built a new home. He's been producing wine for about 10 years now, only recently releasing the original batches for sale. Ehrsu'nah is the most financially successful of the current generation of Streamwalkers, though over half his earnings he consistently sends out to the rest of his family, or into their family treasury to ensure the future wealth and prominence of their bloodline. There is rumor coming from the commoners that have worked his lands that he also pays them very generously, and treats them with a great deal of kindness and respect.

All of this success and altruism has earned Ehrsu'nah a lot of respect and notice, as well as the ire of some traditionalists who do not approve of his casual interaction with his commoner servants. But for all of this, he has never been seen with a mate, or indeed even a passing interest or partner. Rumors abound around his family, ranging from secret lovers, to homosexuality, to a complete lack of interest in the matter, but he is not one to discuss the matter outside of his close family so most of it is just rumormongering. The fact remains that he is a skilled negotiator and trader, and he gets his hands dirty and goes out to work his own fields and still goes down to the river to catch his own meals, and on bountiful days where he returns with a full line of fish he will have his cook prepare plates for his workers to join him.

Ehrsu'nah seems content with the piece of land and life he has carved out for himself, ever dedicated to the welfare of his family and small circle of close friends.


Wilderkin are a closed species created by:
PaceVanRign & BelleTrist
More information can be found in the following:…

Art © PaceVanRign
Character © Menarra
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May 27, 2017
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